How to Become a Genius: Ideas and Exercises

There is a widespread opinion that in order to become a genius it is necessary to be born a genius. Is it the truth? Do we only call people be geniuses only if they are gifted from birth? What about the great Henry Ford who introduced into production a system of assembly conveyor, considered revolutionary in those days? Henry did not know this when he was born, but he worked, studied, met challenges, and today, we can call this man not only a genius but also one of the greatest people of the twentieth century. So, how to become a genius? Here are the tips from dating site.

Push the boundaries.

It may seem trivial, but it is an incredibly effective advice. Your boundaries are a concept of the world that has evolved throughout your life. And if you don’t step over the bounds, it will not be possible to achieve development or even change your views. You look at the world through the usual prism and live in accordance with the system of standardization and systematization. Imagine a little boy who is sitting and looking at the starry sky. He sees the stars, an infinite number of stars, not trying to bring them into a single system. However, his father comes and explains that those seven stars form the constellation of the Big Dipper. On the one hand, the boy got new knowledge about the stars, and his mind systematized them. On the other hand, this standard in his head will not allow seeing henceforth this constellation in any other way, as well as becoming a genius. Therefore, answering the question, “Can you become a genius in the sphere that you like most?”, first, you should decide whether you are ready to push the boundaries of this field.


The feature of many geniuses was and remains powers of observation. This quality not only helps remember in everyday life when you have an anniversary with a girl and what flowers she likes but also it helps collect the data of the world around you. For example, the military has adapted this quality to an assessment of how dangerous the surrounding situation is.

“Obstacle course ” for the brain.

So, you’re on your way to developing your brain to a genius’s level. Nonetheless, you don’t know how do you become a genius and advance your level. There are several exercises that will help evolve the brain.

  1. Draw the contours.

This will require a sheet of paper, pen and an image that you will find on the Internet. You can draw even a vase. However, it is necessary to do that not looking at the paper but only on the contours of the subject. This method helps further explore the details and will make the brain pay more attention to the necessary little things in the future.

  1. Focus on the environment.

Focus on the environment and paying attention to all the details are the key rules that can help in the development of mindfulness and analysis, and they can help “upgrade” the brain. You can analyze the structure of clouds and predict the weather, using that analysis; you can smell the aroma of a girl and be able to understand her mood.

  1. Rationalize the absurd ideas.

Any great discovery was once an incredible, absurd idea that can only come to the mind of a madman or a genius. Imagine at least, how it was possible to think up the transplantation of organs from one person to another? At the beginning of everything, there is an absurdity, which is supplemented by knowledge, facts, and confidence in the future. So, make a list of crazy ideas about a problem, making every thought more absurd in comparison with the previous one. Then choose one of the crazy ideas and learn what makes this idea unique. Then find the main components, and find out the functionality of this idea.